4 Popular Types of Massage You Need To Know

Massage did have many benefits. Its primary function is to blood circulation and relaxes the muscles so that it can eliminate fatigue and tired. But besides primary functions above it turns out massage is also common for certain purposes, such as to remove disease or to slim. Here are some types of massage that you should know.

1. Aromatherapy Massage

The use of aromatherapy is characteristic of this massage. Calming aromatherapy that makes women like to linger this therapy. Simple movements, by performing a light massage on the whole body. This movement is usually in the form of a pat, squeeze, sweep in the body. Scrub also commonly used in Aromatherapy massage to remove dead skin cells so that it can soften the skin.

2. Hot Stone Massage

This massage therapy using natural materials such as natural stone that can conduct heat to the body. Warm stone massage function reduces muscle tension so that the body will feel more relaxed.

3. Thai Massage

Thai-style massage sensation is very typical, that is spread the oil. Thai massage relies on thumb force that suppresses weak muscle point. This massage is usually mainly focused on the area around the back, face, and feet. Besides, this massage also uses a lot of body movements to stretch, so it is done on the mat and using loose clothing.

4. Shiatsu

This massage comes from Japan. This massage uses the power of the thumb to provide a relaxing effect on the muscles. Shiatsu selected as most recommended massage for beautiful skin by people who busy with high concentrations daily. It’s because shiatsu does not take long when practiced. Also, the movement had a lot to do with the muscle nerves connected to the brain, so it can relieve fatigue that strikes the brain.

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